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Picnic Lunch with Nomz

Beautiful day for a picnic! Today’s lunch from Gulick Delicatessen: furikake spam musubi, tuna roll, sweet potato tempura, tofu patty, potato mac salad.


Toddler Snacks – Kinako “Mochi”

This is one of Nomz’s favorite snacks. It’s all natural, healthy, rich in protein, and has no added sugar. Mochi can be a choking hazard for small children, so this recipe is not real mochi in that it uses regular rice instead of mochi rice. But by mashing the rice it creates a mochi or dango like snack that is sure to please little ones!

It’s my adaptation of this recipe found on Cookpad, my absolute favoritest Japanese recipe sharing site (recipes are in Japanese).

3 Ingredients only:
Rice (I use brown for more nutrients)
Kinako (finely ground roasted soybean)


Cook rice and raisins in a rice cooker using usual amount of water plus a bit extra. I used 1/2 cup raisins with 3 cups uncooked rice, which comes out subtly sweet and yields A LOT of little balls. They freeze well.

Blend with a hand blender until most of the raisins are incorporated into the rice (doesn’t have to be totally smooth).


Shape into bite sized balls and roll in the kinako.


Have your toddler taste test!


Strawberry Harvest

We got two beautiful strawberries from our yard today. We only have one plant so it yields a strawberry every few days or so, but it’s fun to show Nomz where strawberries come from!



Toddler snacks – pumpkin pudding

For my picky one year old: a no-egg pumpkin “custard” pudding with only four ingredients: pumpkin, milk, sugar, gelatin.



Happy Girls Day!

Now that Nomz is starting to react to things like her favorite foods, animals and characters, I thought I’d make a special festive dinner for her. Japanese kyara-ben is the art of creating bentos and dishes in fun characters and cute motifs (usually for small children, sometimes for lucky albeit slightly embarrassed husbands) and there are entire books, blogs, stores dedicated to this art. I tried my hand at making some hina dolls out of boiled eggs this year and I gotta say it’s super fun! I found these handy soy crepes in beautiful colors sold at Don Quijote that were so easy to work with.

Chirashi sushi “cake” with hina doll eggs:


Hishigata (diamond shaped) strawberry shortcake:


I also made traditional clam broth, and a chicken vegetable roll for dinner.


I think she knew dinner was special tonight in the way she kept trying to move in for a closer look when we sat down. She ate chirashi, cake, then disrobed the hina doll and nibbled on its face.

We are so thankful to be blessed with a precious, happy little girl and look forward to creating more traditions together as a family.

Almost Girls’ Day!

It’s almost March 3rd, Hinamatsuri (Girls’ Day) so we brought out Nomz’s hinaningyo set again. It’ll be her second time, but she was too young to understand the first. This year, at 17 months old she loves to call the dolls nenyo (? her go to word that refers to Elmo, Doraemon and other dolls and characters), pick them up and wave to them.


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