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Longhi’s Ko Olina

We celebrated D’s birthday with breakfast at the newly opened Longhi’s in Ko Olina.  Another new restaurant option on the West side! Breakfast is my favorite meal, and I’ve decided it’s our mission to eat all of the pancakes in Kapolei to crown the winner.

Longhi’s at Ala Moana recently closed, but lucky for me their new location is now minutes away. Located in the beautiful Marrriott Ko Olina Beach Club, it’s easily accessible for local residents with validated valet parking for $2. They are open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. The restaurant has a spacious open air seating area with views of the beautiful garden and pond, and the relaxing ambience makes me feel like I’m on vacation on a neighbor island.

D ordered the Blueberry Ricotta Pancakes ($16) with a side order of whipped cream ($2), a stack of two large fluffy pancakes with fresh blueberries and ricotta cheese sauce.

My Classic Eggs Benedict ($16) served on toasted baguette slices. Their orange juice is fresh squeezed, and yes it’s $6 but you can taste the difference!

What I love about Longhi’s is that they use quality ingredients, like real maple syrup, real butter, and real dairy whipped cream. That’s actually pretty hard to come by, especially at this price point. I can probably count on one hand how many establishments serve actual whipped heavy cream (not the aerosol kind that deflates after a minute) on their pancakes & waffles. I am a lover of whipped cream and to me, details like this make a difference.

D’s only wish for his birthday was to spend it with us, so we spent the day doing some shopping and relaxing. At night we sang happy birthday with this whopping masterpiece of a cake decorated by Nomz. This is what results when you give a four year old a piping bag full of whipped cream and let her go to town (real whipped cream, of course).

Happy Birthday to my love!



He’s Here!

Welcome to the world little one! It’s been almost two months since our son was born. How quickly we forget what a newborn is like; it’s like I’m a brand new parent all over again.

He is a mellow guy, healthy and happy as can be, and has already doubled his birth weight by two months. Breastfeeding was a difficult journey (again) and the first few weeks were spent crying and struggling and working together with him. Due to low milk supply, we are supplementing with formula, but things are going well. With Nomz, she refused the breast from early on, so I ended up almost exclusively pumping for a year. With S (until we settle on a nickname), he nurses happily and so I’m attached to baby instead of the pump, a much happier place to be for me.

I didn’t realize that raising two kids was so much harder than one! My mom was here from Japan to help out after the C-section but she’s gone already, and with D back to work, I am in full-time stay at home mommy mode. Except life’s busier this time around because there’s Nomz’s school and various activities to get to, and D’s new job keeps him at the office longer. Looking back now, life when Nomz was little seems so leisurely in comparison…

Nomz had a rough time adjusting to the addition to our family the first few days (every time she saw me nursing, she would cry) but things are settling down. Thankfully her resentment is directed at us parents, and not at her baby brother. She is so loving and sweet to her brother and helps with diaper changes and soothes him when he cries. Just as we expected, she is a wonderful big sister!

We are so blessed and our little family now feels complete. But now that I’m reminded of how darn cute babies are, I’m sad to think this will be my last time cuddling a newborn, but I don’t think another one is realistic… Instead I will have to savor and appreciate every moment during this precious time.


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