A Lovely Baby Shower & Pregnancy Notes

The other day MIL and SILs hosted an intimate baby shower for us. They really went all out in preparing a feast!! MIL got up at 5:00am to prepare all these baby shower appetizer recipes she Googled. What an amazing spread! 

It was nice to spend the afternoon catching up with family and getting excited for baby’s arrival.

As I get ready to welcome this baby, I thought I’d record some thoughts from this pregnancy before I forget…

This pregnancy was a difficult one in the beginning, with a mysterious severe allergic reaction all over my body from week 5, which ultimately led to my decision to close down the wedding business I developed over the last six years to focus on my health. The allergic reaction gradually improved from around the second trimester (thank god) but I’m still confident the decision was the right one, and am so thankful and blessed to transition into a full time “stay at home” mom at least for the next several years.

A diagnosis of gestational diabetes early at week 5 was unusual and unexpected, and frustrating in the beginning but ultimately turned out to be a growing experience. Who knew I had the strength in me to inject myself three times a day with insulin shots and prick my finger four times a day without fainting? Who knew I had the self discipline to go without white rice for eight months? A mother’s strength and determination to do anything for her baby never ceases to surprise me. Plus the diabetes has forced me to keep the weight gain in check, as opposed to the last time around when I used pregnancy as an excuse to indulge in every craving. 

It’s a boy! and Nomz is as excited as can be about the arrival of her brother and is very gentle when touching my belly. She helps me pick things up off the floor (seriously SO helpful). We can already tell she will be the best sister ever, I just hope the jealousy won’t be too bad.

As I enter the last few weeks of pregnancy, I’ve been going to the doctor’s twice a week for non-stress tests, which monitor baby’s heartbeat and movements (typically ordered for high-risk pregnancies). Baby is a bit on the small side, but doing well. We will be welcoming him in just a few weeks via scheduled c-section (which, I’m discovering, is fantastically convenient!) and right now I am just enjoying nesting and spending precious moments snuggled up with Nomz before things get crazy. Again.




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  1. 1 Leisha October 3, 2016 at 3:58 pm

    I’m so thrilled for you and your family with the baby due so soon. I’m glad you have coped well with the pregnancy related issues . Take care and I hope you have some relaxing time before the baby is due.

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