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After lunch at Maui Mike’s we drove to Haleiwa to visit the new & improved Matsumoto Shave Ice. We hadn’t been to Haleiwa in a while and were surprised to see so many changes and new stores! Haleiwa Store Lots, the shopping center that houses the new Matsumoto Shave Ice, is brand new and boasts a good size parking lot in the back as well as public restrooms.

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The new Matsumoto Store is bright, open, and streamlined. I was delighted to see they kept the old store sign.

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The ordering process is like an assembly line: first, study the menu and place your order with this guy: size (small $2.75, large $4.00), add-ons (ice cream, azuki bean, mochi balls, condensed milk) and choice of up to three flavors.

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He’ll write your order on a bowl and hand you the empty bowl to take to the next step: payment.

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Then your bowl will be passed on to the next friendly employee who will collect the finely shaved ice and shape it into a mound and add any add-ons.

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Then it’s on to the syrup person who will pour generous amounts of your chosen flavors onto the ice.

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I think this new system has resulted in shorter lines, although the long lines never really bothered me before. It adds to the anticipation, don’t you think?

Here’s our THE WORKS: large shave ice + ice cream + azuki beans + mochi balls + condensed milk + yuzu (my choice) + strawberry cream (D choice) + bubble gum (Nomz choice). As you can guess, it tasted, well… SWEET and the flavors all just melted together at some point. But it was soft and delicate and delicious and such a fun treat! I definitely recommend the ice cream and mochi balls.

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There’s a nice big courtyard with seating to sit and enjoy the shave ice.

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Matsumoto’s has been in business since 1951 and it was so nice to see this iconic store settled into its new but still charming home.

Matsumoto Shave Ice website



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    Another place I need to visit in my next visit.

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