Shichigosan & AGU Ramen

A few weeks ago we took Nomz to the Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha to celebrate her Shichigosan. Shichigosan, which translates to seven-five-three, is a Japanese tradition where families celebrate girls aged 3 and 7 and boys aged 5. Children dress in traditional kimono and visit a shrine to receive blessings for their continued health and happiness and eat chitosesame, a long stick-shaped candy symbolizing longevity.

Hawaii Kotohira Jinsha in Kalihi offers Shichigosan blessings every year, complete with kimono dressing for only a $60 donation (photography not included). How lucky we are to live in Hawaii where we have so many cultural experiences and resources available for Nomz!

Afterwards we headed to lunch at AGU Ramen since, when asked what she wanted to eat, Nomz chose ramen.

D had Chasu Ramen ($17) and I had the Hakata Ramen ($16) topped with the all important pickled ginger & takana pickles. We also ordered Gyoza ($6).

1115 agu - 4

Our first time at AGU Moiliili back in 2014 was fantastic, but this return visit was a huge  disappointment. The rich aromatic tonkotsu soup in my memory was reduced to a much more diluted version, despite the increased prices. There was still a line of local customers out the door, and the company is expanding quickly so they must be doing something right. We hope to rediscover that next time at their Ward Center location, which my sister claims is consistently good.

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  1. 1 Leisha December 10, 2015 at 5:11 pm

    Sounds such a beautiful tradition. Hawaii does have a lot to offer in cultural experiences. It’s great that there is a store that caters for the celebration.

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