I had the chance to try the ramen at AGU this past weekend and in conclusion, it was delicious!

It’s located across the street on the Diamond Head side of Old Stadium Park at the St. Louis Alumni building. There’s plenty of parking out front and ample street parking too. The restaurant is small but clean and inviting.

They offer two types of broth: tonkotsu which is a milky soup made by simmering pork bones for hours and hours and hours. There’s also a jidori chicken based broth which I’ll try next time which is a clearer, lighter broth. Here’s the Shio (salt flavor) Tonkotsu Ramen ($10.75). The noodles are straight, thin Hakata style and it’s topped with 2 slices chashu, menma, green onion and aji tamago (seasoned egg). The soup is so yummy, true tonkotsu flavor, and the thin noodles absorb the flavor so well. I was in heaven! How I missed this kind of ramen!


D got the Kotteri Tonkotsu ($11.75) aka the fatty version with garlic and seabura (melty bits of pork backfat) which was delicious as well.

The regular tonkotsu is rich and satisfying enough though, so I think I’ll stick with the regular tonkotsu in the future instead of the kotteri. My only thought was about the toppings: I wish they had some benishoga (pickled ginger) and takana (pickled mustard cabbage) on the side! These condiments definitely serve a great purpose in cutting through the richness and monotony of the soup and are a must have with Hakata ramen. I can’t imagine the restaurant (not to mention Japanese customers ) would allow this kind of omission. I wonder if it’s available upon request? Next time I’ll ask but I’m gonna sneak some pickled ginger in my purse just in case.

Oh here’s the Gyoza ($5.25/ 6pc) which could have tasted like cardboard for all I care – I was already a loyal AGU customer at this point. By the way it didn’t taste like cardboard, it was good.


In short, this is the only ramen place I know of on Oahu that serves a tonkotsu soup of this quality and the thin straight noodles that I prefer. So as long as I can smuggle in some pickled ginger I’m coming back again and again.

MENU: available on their website.

AGU a ramen bistro
925 Isenberg St.
Honolulu, HI 96826

Sun-Thu 11a-9p
Fri & Sat 11a-10p

P.S. Taro, your ramen is of course still the best. And not just because you’re my brother.


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  1. 1 taroinbrisbane January 18, 2014 at 7:09 am

    Thanks sis!
    Will have to check this place out next time I visit. Looks like they add a bit of mayu.

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