Hokkaido Ramen Santouka

We visited the recently opened Santouka at Don Quijote Kaheka, a welcome addition to the Hawaii ramen scene. The shop is quite small and there was a wait so we wrote our name on the sign-in sheet and waited for 15 minutes or so. Plastic ramen replicas to admire during the wait:20131021-231248.jpg

Nomz very happy about the excellent service here. She gets her own cup of water and flatware!


Very clean, modern interior with ramen bowl studded walls. Some old school ramen fans feel that the dirtier the shop the tastier the ramen, but I say clean is good! 20131021-231311.jpg

D’s kara miso ramen: tasty soup similar to tan tan men, firm noodles. 20131021-231319.jpgMy tonshio ramen ($9.50) topped with umeboshi, menma, green onions, chashu. Pork based broth that’s not too heavy (similar to paitan soup), and firm, medium thin noodles.


Gyoza ($5.50/5pc): 20131021-231343.jpg

The bowls are a bit petite thus making the price feel a bit on the higher side ($32 for lunch for 2 including tip), but it’s good quality Japanese ramen, a notch above other ramen you’ll find in Hawaii (except of course Tenka Ippin). My personal preference is for a richer, more aromatic tonkotsu broth so I still yearn for someone to bring authentic Hakata ramen or a good kotteri tonkotsu ramen to Hawaii but Santouka will be my new go to in the meantime. 20131021-231352.jpg

View the menu on their website.

Hokkaido Ramen Santouka
Don Quijote Kaheka
801 Kaheka St.
Honolulu, HI 96814
11:00a-11:00p Daily


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  1. 1 milton October 25, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    i’ve been there twice and just started serving gyoza….i’ll go back again. in my opinion after 2X at each, chukaya sea dragon is better…had the tan tan ramen, gyoza and shanghai dumplings….very good. i’m a ramen fan and the next place i’ll try is kai ramen on kona st.

    • 2 honolulueats October 29, 2013 at 7:24 pm

      Hi Milton,
      Yes, I’ve been wanting to try Kai Ramen too! Heard good things about it. Haven’t heard of Sea Dragon, but I’ll look it up.

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