The Second Trimester – A Look Back

I’ve been waking up with a healthy appetite. Today’s breakfast: one egg omelette with tomato and Swiss, sausage, toast, fresh picked mango:

Two trimesters down, one more to go! Despite a complication scare, on the whole I felt good and had enough energy to move around during the second trimester. A look back on eating during the past three months can be summarized as: the battle of appetite vs. weight. In one corner of the ring: 1) a voracious appetite, especially for sweets, 2) the false sense of security in thinking I could consume extra calories “for the baby”, and 3) the feeling that somehow, as a pregnant woman I deserved to indulge in whatever I wanted to eat. In the opposite corner, 1) the responsibility of eating a healthy diet 2) the alarming rate at which the number on the weight scale was climbing, 3) fear of complications such as gestational diabetes, and 4) a desire to stay in shape to look and feel good and to make it easier to shed the weight after giving birth. The winner in the second trimester: it was a close fight, but I’d have to say appetite won this one.

Baby is very active and kicks and twirls around all day long, but especially during meals.

As the third trimester approached, heartburn suddenly became a constant companion due to all those internal organs being smushed by the baby. I have a feeling the theme for the next three months will be “I really wanna eat this but it will probably come right back up my throat…”

Let’s get back to happy thoughts. I know, I’ll memo a list of foods I can’t wait to eat, so I can efficiently tackle everything after giving birth. A to-do list if you will:

Undercooked eggs category:
– loco moco
– eggs benedict
– natto soba with soft poached egg from Matsugen
– soondubu chige with raw egg

Raw fish/meat category:
– sashimi, sushi, sashimi, sushi!!!!
– ahi poke from Tanioka’s
– maguro eggs benedict from Cream Pot
– salmon sashimi
– oysters on the half shell
– Korean Yukke with raw egg
– any kind of carpaccio and ceviche

Charcuterie/soft cheese category:
– prosciutto, sopressata, and all other paper-thin, salty cured deliciousness
– smoked salmon
– lots of soft, stinky cheeses
– I’m thinking a trip to Salt in Kaimuki or Whole Foods


But in all seriousness, I am ever aware that giving up these pleasures temporarily is such a small sacrifice in comparison to what will come at the end of this. Hubby and I marvel at baby’s growth and movements every day and give thanks for the miracle that is growing inside.


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  1. 1 taroinbrisbane June 25, 2012 at 3:17 am

    LOL! Keep up the good fight against the blue corner.

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