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Pregnancy and Food

One of the reasons I write this blog is that it’s a great place I can keep all my memories to read back and enjoy. True, I only write about food, but when I think about it, food is such an integral part of my life. Almost every memory, life event,and relationship can be told through food, and this is one such life event I want to be sure to keep a record of. So this is more of a journal entry for myself.

Hubby and I are expecting our first baby this fall! And pregnancy has changed my relationship with food, at least temporarily I hope. In short, first trimester pregnancy + food = a hate relationship. I was too exhausted to cook, nothing tasted good, and everything I ate gave me heartburn. Yet as soon as my stomach was empty I felt sick, so I spent the past 2 months shoving food in my mouth every hour just to sooth the nausea, only to get heartburn. The only foods I actually enjoyed were tart, refreshing flavors like chilled grapefruit, lemon, and tomatoes. I’m supposed to be staying away from raw fish, raw eggs, soft imported cheeses, all my usual favorites. For the first time in my life food became a source of misery, not joy for me. I didn’t expect to be spending so much of my time thinking about food – what to eat and not to eat, how and when to secure my next meal, but I did.

My palate became naturally more sensitive to the over-salted and MSG flavors of take-out and fast food. My brain became more conscious of what I was eating and providing to this little person growing inside of me, and I started looking into organic and natural alternatives wherever possible.

I think the process of how a baby grows inside a mother can only be described as a miracle. It’s strange to think I directly supply the feeding tube that nourishes this baby – what a huge responsibility! A most welcome and wonderful responsibility, but at the same time I can’t wait till I can eat sushi and gooey eggs benedict again. I’m told that the second trimester will bring on a hearty appetite and that things will start tasting better, so I’m looking forward to enjoying eating again, while keeping track not to gain too much weight.


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