Side Street Inn

Hubby’s brother (BIL4) and his wife (SIL4) are in town for a short visit from L.A. The family met up for dinner at the original Side Street Inn for some casual, local style eats.

Side Street Inn is very popular for local style pupus and comfort food and I know a lot of chefs and cooks who like to hang out there after they get off work late at night. The menu here is unapologetically filled with deep-fried, buttery, carnivorous goodness. But that is what local comfort food is all about, and although I try to eat healthy most of the time, I can definitely appreciate a great, soul-satisfying meal at Side Street Inn once in a while.

Chinese Chicken Salad ($7.50, half order) – my attempt at including at least some type of plant source in every meal.

Boneless Kalbi ($20.00) – generous portions of Korean style marinated kalbi, served with kimchi on a sizzling platter

Fried Chicken ($12.00) – crispy on the outside, juicy and well seasoned on the inside

Pan-Fried Island Pork Chops ($21.00) – one of their signature dishes. Seasoned to and fried to crispy perfection

Original Fried Rice ($11.00) – with bacon, portuguese sausage and peas. Enough to feed 4 people at least!

This place is so famous and popular and it’s no mystery why.  Great food, friendly service, generous portions, reasonable prices are the cornerstones of a successful restaurant in Hawaii. Side Street Inn’s got it down. I would recommend going in a large group and sharing everything pupu style.

MENU: View the menu on their website.

Side Street Inn
1225 Hopaka Street
Honolulu, HI 96814

Daily 2:00p-2:00a


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