Las Vegas!

I just got back from Las Vegas! I remembered to pack my camera and laptop, but forgot the cable that connects the camera to the laptop so I couldn’t post on the blog during the trip…

Anyway, I won a free trip to Vegas. I won it! This is by far the biggest thing I’ve ever won so I was pretty proud of myself. It was one of those package deals with air, hotel, and meals included. To be accurate, I won a free trip to Vegas, but had to pay (a discounted rate) to add my hubby on. We stayed at the Orleans which is on Tropicana several blocks off the strip.

Our package included 2 meals a day at the French Market Buffet ($6.99 breakfast, $7.99 lunch, $13.99 dinner, $13.99 Sunday brunch) in the Orleans and you know me, I never pass up a free meal. So we were pretty much all buffet-ed out by the time our trip came to an end. But no complaints; the buffet had a great selection with 7 themed stations, salad bar, and dessert station. As a non meat eater, the buffet was great because it provided more variety and selection than a sit-down restaurant.

Here’s one of my dinners at the buffet. Salad with chickpeas, beets and seafood and chicken noodle soup (I just pick out the chicken).

They had a wonderful made-to-order stir-fry station with a grumpy Chinese man who could make a mean stir-fry. Here’s my veggie stir-fry and hot and sour soup.

We had so much fun on our trip! I’ll write about some other meals in upcoming posts.


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