The 220 Grille Restaurant at KCC

About two weeks ago I dined at Ka ‘Ikena, the fine dining room at Kapiolani Community College where students showcase their culinary and hospitality skills. The experience was so fantasic I had to go back to try The 220 Grille Restaurant, the casual Hawaii regional cuisine restaurant at KCC also run by students. The students did not disappoint.

The ambience is more casual with cafeteria style seating and paper plates/plastic utensils. But do take a look at their menu, which is far beyond what you’d expect at a casual “grille”. They have escargot! And lamb chops!

My friend ordered the Calamari Fritti ($5.95) served with smoked chipotle aioli and (SPICY) Asian cocktail sauce…

220 Grille - Calamari Fritti ($5.95)

and Mushroom Soup ($3.00).

220 Grille - Mushroom Soup ($3.00)

My other friend also ordered Calamari Fritti and Chicken Quesadillas ($5.95) with shimeji mushrooms and served with Mexican cream and mango pineapple relish.

220 Grille - Chicken Quesadillas ($5.95)

I had Escargots in Mushroom Caps of course, because, where else can you eat escargot for $4.95!? The flavor of the white wine was too strong because the alcohol was not cooked off enough, but I’m happy to dismiss that because 1.) these are students learning how to cook and 2.) this is not a for-profit restaurant.

220 Grille - Escargots in Mushroom Caps ($4.95)

And I had Lamb Chops with Chipotle Honey Glaze and Cilantro Mint Vinaigrette ($9.50). Lamb is one of my favorite meats and this one came with 5 petite, tender chops cooked medium rare and perfectly seasoned.

220 Grille - Lamb Chops ($9.50)

For dessert I had Crepes Suzette with Orange Butter Sauce ($3.75) served with strawberries and spiced whipped cream. YUM.

220 Grille - Crepes Suzette ($3.75)

To sum it up: fabulous food at prices that are a steal. The only unfortunate thing is that I got busy and took so long to write about 220 Grille – their last day of operation for this module is tomorrow! After that, you’ll have to wait until they re-open next year after renovations to their kitchen.

When you do have the chance to go, don’t forget to leave a donation in lieu of gratuity to support the KCC Culinary Arts Program! Parking is available on the campus in unmarked visitor stalls.

OVERALL: GOOD food, WOW concept
PRICE RANGE: $3.00-$5.95 for starters, $6.25-$9.50 for entrees. View menus on their website.
MY BILL: $18.20 plus a donation
RETURNING?: Yes but we’ll all have to wait till next year!

The 220 Grille Restaurant
Kapiolani Community College
Ohia Building, Room 220
4303 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96816
Lunch – view schedules and hours on
their website


3 Responses to “The 220 Grille Restaurant at KCC”

  1. 1 sagemom February 26, 2010 at 12:28 pm

    Wow–those crepes and quesadillas look really good–and the prices look even better!

  2. 2 NL March 1, 2010 at 4:23 pm

    I ate here after I read about your experience at Ka Ikena; I couldn’t get a reservation on a day that I could go, so I “settled” for the Grille and was I glad I did! It was great as you said.

    Boy, do we think alike when it comes to food! I had the escargot which I thought was really good….on a different day, so maybe different student cooks? My friend had the calamari and I snuck in a taste. Loved the subtle spice that it was spiked with, plus the batter was crisp and light, just how I like it. I also had the mushroom soup which was so rich and delicious. With all that heavy cream, my cholesterol must have surely suffered that day! 🙂 I also had the lamb chops and it was a delicious as it looks in your picture. My only regret is that I was absolutely too full to have dessert, but yours looks sinfully yummy!

    Oh no! I didn’t think I would have to wait until next year to again. I know it open towards the end of last year so I was thinking maybe October/November sometime. Shucks! I would have been nice if I went early enough to go twice this time around! I would have loved to try other things on the menu.

    Thanks for writing about it and alerting all of us to this great bargain! Not knowing the protocol, I left a tip on the table. I was going to go back and put it in the donation jar, but the cashier said they would put it in there. By the way, they also do not charge tax.

    • 3 honolulueats March 3, 2010 at 12:07 am

      NL: Cool! Wow, we really do like the same dishes. I know, my friends and I also had a conversation about how rich the mushroom soup was (but also probably artery-clogging). I miss 220 Grille already! I can’t wait until they re-open. I heard they’re getting a renovated kitchen and in the meantime, they’ll be doing some course work out of the cafeteria next door, but not near the full menu we saw.

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