Introducing Taro’s Ramen & Cafe!

It’s not often you get to witness someone’s dream come true. Well, this charming restaurant is my brother’s lifelong dream realized.

Located on the ground level of the Boeing House Building at the corner of Wharf Street and Adelaide Street in Brisbane City, Australia, Taro’s Ramen & Cafe is a small restaurant with seating for about 50 in an outdoor setting. Taro’s makes its début as an authentic ramen house, but it’s also a unique concept combining a café operation as well. As part of the lease agreement, my brother Taro took over the existing breakfast and lunch take-away operation from the previous tenant that the Boeing employees have come to love. For lunch and dinner dine-in only, customers can enjoy Taro’s signature ramen dishes, but for breakfast and lunch we also open as a cafe. It’s like learning how to run two establishments at once.  Today I’ll briefly introduce the café side.

Aussies love their coffee and every type of coffee here is espresso based, not brewed. So the closest thing to a cup of brewed coffee is a “long black” which is an espresso shot diluted with hot water. The café offers a full selection of coffee drinks, and I can now proudly add “barista” to my list of skills. Here’s how I often start my day: a cappuccino (decaf) and a freshly baked muffin.

The café menu offers a full range of made-to-order breakfasts, sandwiches, chips (what Americans call French fries) and ready-made sushi rolls. Here’s something we don’t see too often in the states that’s popular with the locals: meat pies and sausage rolls.

I’ve been so busy sampling everything at the café. Why have I never worked at a restaurant before!? I never realized how fun it is to be surrounded by food all the time.

The cafe is lovely, but my brother’s real passion is in ramen, so I will highlight his menu items in upcoming posts.


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  1. 1 SL#1 January 18, 2010 at 12:06 am

    Wow, Taro’s Ramen and Cafe looks so cool! That cappucino is so beautiful, and the meat pie looks yummy. Libby’s Manapua in Kalihi has what they call “stuffed pillows,” so you can get a hamburger curry pillow or a chicken curry pillow. “Pillow” just sounds so much more appealing than “turnover.”
    I really like the outdoor cafe style–you can watch the world go by. There was an episode of X-Files where Moulder finds a genie and he gets three wishes. His first wish was for world peace, so the genie made all the people on earth disappear. His second wish was to bring back all the people. The genie told him that basically all human wishes are selfish and that Moulder was selfish in wanting to be the man who saved the world. So Moulder granted the genie her wish: her freedom to be an ordinary person sitting in a cafe watching the world go by. That’s why I like outdoor cafes so much.

    • 2 honolulueats January 19, 2010 at 10:08 pm

      Hi SIL#1! I didn’t know you like outdoor cafes so much. Thanks for sharing your genie story. 🙂
      Hope the boys (including my hubby) are doing well!

  2. 3 Er January 19, 2010 at 10:59 am

    Wow! Taro’s is such a cute place! I really like the outdoor atmosphere too! Very inviting! Very cool that it features not only ramen, but cafe items as well!

    So is the establishment open already? How have the crowds/traffic been?

    Can’t wait to see the ramen “side” of the restaurant!

    • 4 honolulueats January 19, 2010 at 10:09 pm

      We opened on 1/11 and have been steady since. It’s a little slow at times, but it’s better that way while our staff gets used to everything. In a few weeks we’ll begin marketing and advertising.

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