Last Day at Work

On my last day at work, we started off with a farewell breakfast for me in the office.

Then for lunch, my coworker (and loyal? blog reader) Keith and his girlfriend took me out to lunch at Tonkatsu Ginza Bairin. After reading my previous post on the restaurant, he knew I’ve always wanted to try the Kurobuta Tonkatsu but that I’d never order it on my own. So he was so thoughtful to invite me to lunch and order the Kurobuta Tonkatsu for me.

Here’s the Kurobuta Tonkatsu ($36.00)… It looks almost the same as the standard Ginkatsu ($19.00), maybe a little larger.

Ginza Bairin - Kurobuta Tonkatsu ($36.00)

Here they are, side by side. The Kurobuta Tonkatsu on the left a thicker cut of meat than the Ginkatsu on the right.

As for the flavor, in my opinion, both were delicious! You can definitely tell the Kurobuta is a better quality of meat, since the Ginkatsu has a slight “porkiness”  while the Kurobuta has a clean, pure flavor.  But if I wasn’t tasting them both at the same time, I probably would be just as happy with the Ginkatsu. Both were equally tender and moist. I’m so glad that I got to try it, because I would never had ordered it myself, and I would have forever be fantasizing about how fabulous it must be. It was indeed fabulous, but the good news is that the $19.00 Ginkatsu is pretty good too.

And just before the end of the day, our chef surprised me with a beautiful farewell dinner he set up in my office:

The silver dome unveiled a darling Beef en Croute in the shape of a “Louis Vuitton purse” (with a little handle and everything!), served with a balsamic béarnaise Sauce.

How thoughtful of him! Earlier in the day, I walked into the kitchen where he was busy peeling cherry tomatoes and sautéing leeks. When I asked him what he was doing, he said “nothing”. I was wondering, because we didn’t have confit cherry tomatoes on the menu that day! He also presented me with a gift and card which included one of his special recipes. He is such a generous man who knows he has a wonderful gift to share.

I am so blessed to have worked with wonderful and generous colleagues…


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  1. 1 papamonky January 2, 2010 at 3:45 pm


  2. 2 Keith January 2, 2010 at 8:18 pm

    It was sooooo worth every cent for us to see you FINALLY have the kurobuta tonkatsu and enjoy it!

    When I was younger, I would spend weekends at my grandparents house in Kalihi. They ate all kinds of “strange things” that my parents never cooked. Whenever I saw something I didn’t like the look of, I would immediately say that I didn’t like or want it. My grandfather used to tell me, “You nevah know until you try.” So I did. Granted, I still didn’t like the majority of the things they ate (blood sausage, Ama’a crab, natto, 3-day old poi, etc)but I usually felt good that I tried them.

    Now, this tonkatsu is a slightly different situation in that you knew it would be good, but not how good. The thing is now you do.

    Best of luck, enjoy your travels, be safe and call us when you get back. You and the husband need to come over for my chicken kiev dinner…

    Bon appetit!

    • 3 honolulueats January 3, 2010 at 3:31 pm

      Thanks again Keith!

      You didn’t like natto???

      Yes, let’s do dinner when I get back. Chicken Kiev – sounds wonderful.

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