Lunch at Plumeria Beach House

This restaurant located right on the beach at the Kahala Hotel & Resort is one of my favorite lunch spots. With these views, it’s the perfect place to take special out-of-town guests, or to treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast. I met up with a friend for lunch the other day. Her and I used to work together years ago, so it was good to catch up on what’s new at my old workplace, and in her life.

She had the Baked Caesar Salad ($19.00), a signature dish that’s been with this hotel since way back when. It’s strange to think of a caesar salad being baked, but it’s only lightly broiled or torched on the top just enough to brown the cheese. Topped with generous portions of scallops and shrimp and a drizzle of macadamia nut pesto sauce, this is a pretty hearty meal.

Plumeria Beach House - Baked Caesar Salad ($19.00)

I had the Pipkaula Reuben ($16.00) with avocado and swiss cheese and served with paprika flavored fries. These fries were yummy.

Plumeria Beach House - Pipikaula Reuben ($16.00)

Plumeria Beach House - Pipikaula Reuben ($16.00)

MENU: Click here to view the menu on their website.

Plumeria Beach House
at The Kahala Hotel and Resort
5000 Kahala Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
Breakfast, lunch, dinner
6:30am-10:00pm daily


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  1. 1 Er December 28, 2009 at 10:18 pm

    That salad looks really good! And with all that seafood! Looks pretty heavy tho…

    I’ve only been to the Plumeria (didn’t it used to be called the Plumeria Cafe? Or am I dreaming?) for brunch once. It was really good!

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