Hakata Menchankotei

For you Japanese food lovers, here’s  a place that serves up some specialty items you don’t see everyday in Hawaii:

  • Hakata style Tonkotsu Ramen – One of my favorite styles of ramen. Characteristics of this style include a rich, milky white pork bone based broth, thin noodles, and pickled ginger on top. Having eaten “the real deal” in Hakata, Japan, of course Menchankotei’s is not as good, but it’s not bad either.
  • Oden – a traditional Japanese dish consisting of various ingredients simmered in a flavorful broth for several hours. Think nishime, but each piece is much larger, and way more flavorful.
Menchankotei - Oden

Menchankotei - Oden

  • Motsunabe – beef intestine hot pot. (OK, I admit I’m not a fan of intestines in general).

They are open for lunch and dinner everyday, with weekly lunch specials for $6.50 and $7.95. They also sell delicious looking take-out bentos for $5.00-$6.00, so it’s worth a look.

Menchankotei - Bentos

Menchankotei - Bentos

We enjoyed one of the lunch special menus: Mini Hakata Ramen & Mini Kakunidon ($7.95). The sinfully delicious Pork Kakuni is fatty pieces of pork that have been simmered in shoyu/sugar for hours. The pork fat is so soft it melts like butter in your mouth. If you are the type of person that blots the fat on your cheese pizza witha  napkin, this dish is not for you.

Menchankotei - Lunch Special ($7.95)

Menchankotei - Lunch Special ($7.95)

Here’s their weekly lunch special for this week: Mini Shoyu Ramen & Oroshi Hamburger Steak ($7.95). The hamburger steak is topped with grated daikon and ponzu sauce, a popular way to eat hamburger steak in Japan.

Menchankotei - Weekly Lunch Special ($7.95)

Menchankotei - Weekly Lunch Special ($7.95)

With $1.00 validated parking after 5:00pm, there’s no excuse not to make the drive into Waikiki to check it out!

MENU: click here to view the menu

Hakata Menchankotei
Ground level of Waikiki Trade Center
($1.00 Validated parking after 5:00pm; parking entrance off Seaside Ave.)
2255 Kuhio Avenue #19-18
Honolulu, HI 96815
Daily 11:00a-midnight


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