My husband and I wanted to spend some time with his brother and his wife (SIL4) before they leave in a few weeks for a year long stint in Korea, so we headed to Ichiriki for dinner. Luckily, we had a generous gift certificate received from my husband’s coworkers. Ichiriki is a Japanese restaurant specializing in all kinds of nabe (hot pot) dishes like sukiyaki, shabu shabu, and chanpon. Nabe is healthy, fun, soul-warming, and especially good in the cold Japan winters.

We started off with a bunch of appetizers, all reasonably priced. Fried Calamari ($4.95)…

Ichiriki - Fried Calamari ($4.95)

Ichiriki - Fried Calamari ($4.95)

Chicken Karaage ($5.95)

Ichiriki - Chicken Karaage ($5.95)

Ichiriki - Chicken Karaage ($5.95)

Stone Grilled Pork Kimchi ($9.95)

Ichiriki - Pork Kimchi ($9.95)

Ichiriki - Pork Kimchi ($9.95)

080709 ichiriki pork kimchi grill

We also got the standard Chamame ($3.95) to represent the Japanese side, Kimchi ($3.45) for our Miss Aloha Korea, and we threw in some French Fries ($4.45) for good measure.

Then for the main course, we got 1 serving each of the Ichiriki Nabe ($21.95) and Shio “Pirikara” Spicy Nabe ($20.95). I had been here before and knew that 2 servings are enough for 4 people to share (the nabe comes with rice), especially if you’re starting off with appetizers. They have this cool partitioned pot that allows you to sample 2 different nabes at once! On the left is the Ichiriki Nabe, a shoyu based soup and the left is the Shio Pirikara, a spicy salt based soup with chili peppers and slices of garlic.

080709 ichiriki pot

Each nabe comes with a platter of assorted raw ingredients you can cook and enjoy at your leisure. I was so excited I dumped everything into the Ichiriki Nabe before I remembered to take a picture. Here’s what’s left of the Shio Pirikara platter.

080709 ichiriki nabe

Here’s a “steamy picture”…

080709 ichiriki cooking

Don’t be shy to ask for additional soup if your water levels are running low. At the end they give you a choice of ramen or udon noodles to enjoy with the soup left in the pot, savory and full of flavor from the ingredients cooked in the broth. The noodles are my favorite part, but I was so busy eating by this time my camera was long forgotten.

I did manage to capture our dessert: Uji Kintoki with Ice Cream ($5.95), a green tea flavored shave ice with sweet azuki beans, condensed milk, and mochi balls.  

Ichiriki - Uji Kintoki w/Ice Cream ($5.95)

Ichiriki - Uji Kintoki w/Ice Cream ($5.95)

The food is not anything “wow” (after all, how “wow” can a platter of raw meat and vegetables be?), but that’s OK because the whole point of nabe is the experience. Ichiriki is a fun cook-it-yourself restaurant providing the perfect bonding experience over a simmering pot. Although they do provide a “communal” pair of chopsticks for grabbing your items, it’s best to just let loose and each dig in.   What’s a few germs shared between family and friends?

PRICE RANGE:$2.95-$9.95 for most appetizers, $20.95-$47.95 for nabe. Click to view their lunch menu here and their dinner menu here.
MY BILL:$120.00 for four, including alcoholic drinks

(Validated parking lot behind the building)
510 Piikoi Street
Honolulu, HI 96814
Daily 11:00a-2:00p
Mon-Thu 5:00p-11:00p
Fri&Sat 5:00p-12:00a
Sun 5:00p-10:00p


4 Responses to “Ichiriki”

  1. 1 Er August 12, 2009 at 8:40 am

    Once again, this brings back memories of our GNO night at Ichiriki (I think that was for A’s birthday?)! That was the first time I had ever eaten nabemono like that. Wouldn’t normally be my first choice, but I did enjoy it!

  2. 2 Keith August 14, 2009 at 6:18 pm

    Interesting note: One of the owners is a former coworker of ours.

  3. 3 honolulueats August 14, 2009 at 8:45 pm

    Er: Yes,this is one of A’s favorite restaurants, isn’t it? If that was for her birthday, I guess that would just about a year ago. See you on Sunday!

    Keith: Who? Anyone I know, or is it before my time?

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