Sendai Eats – Wrap Up

I’m actually back in Hawaii now and my life is right back where it left off: crazy busy. There are lots more Sendai eats to report on, but I’ll condense everything into one post to save time. You’d think being on vacation would leave me lots of leisurely time for activities like reading a book, watching TV, and posting on my blog, but I was surprisingly busy in Japan. I was busy taking twice daily baths, eating good food, and going to bed early.

もちぶた館 Tonkatsu Mochibutakan

My father’s latest favorite find is Mochibutakan, an establishment that offers tonkatsu and onsen in one location. Yup, that’s onsen as in hot spring bath. Apparently taking a bath in an onsen and then eating tonkatsu is a “Why didn’t anyone think of this before?” kind of logical combination to the Japanese people, because at 12:00pm for lunch on a Sunday, the place was packed with a line out the door! They serve up Mochibuta, a local brand of pork raised with natural feed and a focus on a healthy living environment. That must be the reason it tastes so light and has none of the “porkiness” sometimes found in supermarket pork.

I skipped the bath and went straight for the food. I had the Tonkatsu Gozen that included a big juicy pork cutlet, rice, tonjiru, tsukemono, kobachi, and dessert (what a deal at 900 yen!).

Mochibutakan - Tonkatsu Gozen

Mochibutakan - Tonkatsu Gozen


蔵 Ramen Kura

Our family has always loved ramen. Now my brother and his family are about to embark on an incredible journey in pursuit of the perfect bowl of ramen (more details on this later). It’s hard to find good ramen outside of Japan, but in Honolulu you can get a decent bowl of ramen at Tenka Ippin on Kapahulu Avenue.

Ramen Kura, located in the small town of Shichigahama, is the town’s most popular ramen joint. We waited outside in line in the winter cold but the ramen was worth the wait. I had the Kura Original Ramen (550 yen) and Gyoza (300 yen). The soup had a rich flavor brought out by simmering pork bones and various other ingredients overnight.

Kura - Kura Original Ramen

Kura - Kura Original Ramen

謝朋殿 Shahouden Chinese Restaurant

We ventured into Sendai City for dinner at a Chinese restaurant.  We had:

  • Sichuan Mabo Tofu (1000 yen): This was our favorite of the evening, with freshly cracked Sichuan pepper.
  • Egg Soup (800 yen)
  • Vegetables Stir Fried with Sea Salt (1000 yen)
  • Celery Dumplings (600 yen): Served with a yummy coconut sauce
  • Xiaolongbao (500 yen/2pc): This is actually what we were after. These dumplings are filled with HOT broth that you have to try not to spill as you bite in.
Shahouden - Celery Dumplings

Shahouden - Celery Dumplings

Shahouden - Xiaolongbao

Shahouden - Xiaolongbao

Does anyone know where I can get good Xiaolongbao in Honolulu?


5 Responses to “Sendai Eats – Wrap Up”

  1. 1 sachi March 24, 2009 at 12:19 am

    surprised at the cheap price of $5.50 for Kura ramen!
    how can that be!!!!
    if they have so much pride in the soup how can they offer at such a low price!

    i feel bad i think they should raise it.

  2. 2 Kenny March 26, 2009 at 9:43 pm

    You can find xiaolongbao in the better dim sum places in chinatown here. You’ll probably get further asking for it in cantonese (siu lung bao). I don’t think it will blow you away.

  3. 3 honolulueats March 27, 2009 at 8:56 pm

    Sachi: Kura Ramen is a steal. I felt bad too for just 550 yen…

    Kenny: Thanks for the tip.

  4. 4 RobynT May 10, 2009 at 11:36 am

    you can get xiaolong bao in Chinatown, not at Legend, but the dim sum place around the corner from Legend, along the river.

    btw, this is the Robyn that was in your dorm freshman year!

    • 5 honolulueats May 10, 2009 at 10:48 pm

      Robyn!!! I had no idea you had a food blog too! I took a quick look. Wow, you’ve been writing for a long time. Thanks for commenting and for the tip on xialong bao. I’ll have to check it out. Hope you’re doing well back in Michigan!

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